What exactly is Phototure?

Let me start out by saying that I am not a professional photographer. I have a degree in photography but I don't do photography for clients. I mostly do it for fun in my spare time. I do however have lots of friends that are profesisonal photographers.

Most of the professional photographers that I know love almost everything about their job. One thing that most don't love is sorting through thousands of photos after big shoots. Some of the busier photographers even hire assistants to do the sorting for them. Personally I don't mind sorting. Sometimes I quite enjoy it. But it got me thinking; there should be a good way for photographers who don't want to do the sorting to get someone else to do it, do a good job at it, and get it done if a reasonable timeframe without having to hire an assistant.

This is the basic idea behind Phototure. I want the sorting process to be as simple as selecting a folder of photos on your desktop (or wherever you like), defining a few sorting parameters and hitting the "go" button. A short while later the photographer should get an email or a text message letting them know that the photos are sorted and waiting on their desktop.

We've been working on this technology for a while now and we're just about to the point where we need some professional photographers to try it out and see how well it does it's job. We'll be selecting as many photographers as we can from those that signup for the beta and we'd like to get as many different types of photographers as we can so signup below if this sounds like something that would make your life better.

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